lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Your Place or My Place_characters

Rus: a very clumsy girl, cheerful and looks like a 15 year-old. (23 actually)
She is usually very girly, but sometimes turns out to be a bit of a tomboy. =P
Hyperactive, sensitive, she doesn't like when people are late (Wen knows ¬¬)
When she is good, she is very good... (when she is bad, she is extremely bad.-->>She doesn't like people that don't use logic)
She plays the piano in the band.

Wen: (22) Know-it-all who has a liking for sarcasm and irony. He is very absent-minded, but sometimes he has a lot of sweet details.
He worries about people he cares about, but he doesn't let it show too much. (Rus knows that in private ;P) He hates stupidity.
He loves his bass almost as much as he loves Rus. XD

Miranda: (20) He is a very kind person, but... a MANSLUT! XD
He likes girls more than anything in this world, specially when is drunk.
He tries to stay calm in the worst situations. Sometimes he tries to be coherent but ... it doesn't always work. He forgives others easily.
He is very very optimist, even if things are not going well. He hates to hate. =P
He is the vocalist in the band.

Ana: (25) Extremely hyperactive, she looks like she is always happy (but she knows how to hide her sadness). She loves arts, and she is very good at it.
She is very kind, always willing to help others. She loves yuri (girl-girl semi-porn) XD
She is a pervert, and she is straight forward, and she doesn't care what other think about her.


More characters to come!

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